Senior Legal was founded with the specific intention of developing long-term relationships with client law firms. We believe that our commitment to work closely with our clients on this basis allows us to acquire and develop the knowledge that is necessary for us to act as key representatives in a competitive market.

Candidate Representation

Our Candidate Representation practice focuses on the highest quality of candidates at Partner and Associate level. Candidates come to us from a variety of sources: personal relationships, networking, market reputation, referrals and advertising.
Our strength lies not in flooding firms with CVs but in targeting practice areas of key demand and delivering high-quality candidates into those practice areas.

Practice Mergers

As law firms endeavor to adapt to ever changing market conditions the merger option is still perceived by many managing partners as the quickest route to increased competitive capability. Finding the right merger partner and managing the negotiation process to a successful conclusion will never be easy. Senior Legal offers an independent consultancy service to the legal profession covering all aspects of the merger process from targeting potential merger partners, through the negotiation stage and up to successful conclusion.